Winston in Paris

Winston outside the Pompidou centre.

Outside the Franco Britannique College in Paris

Agnes, Winston, Valerie, Sylvie and a French friend who drove us down the Paris pavements because the roads were full.

Winston taking extra French lessons.


Valerie and Sylvie found this web site (Adrian told them about it) and have sent their news. Also, Sylvie let me keep the photo above

Valerie: married to Jésus (born in Andalucia, not in a Bethlehem manger), mother of 3 kiddoes (Enguerrand 16, Victoria 13 1/2, Eléonore 11), with a career in financial asset management - in international marketing & sales  for the past 8 years until recently when I moved to a different position, doing internal communication & organisation. We live near Versailles.

Sylvie:-Happily married to a Frenchman – Jacques, one kid, Alexander  ( looks like a Viking) .  

We live in the country, 40 KMS north of Lyon, A lovely area and I work as a language trainer, which I’ve had a bellyful of …………